Regional Office of Education #8

Regional Superintendent: Aaron Mercier                           Assistant Superintendent: Brent Chrisman

Summer Institute Grad
Class Options
Full STEAM ahead! Our most popular PD event begins June 5-9. You can attend individual days for PDC’s ($100 per day) or the entire week for 3 grad credits ($850.00 per course) . We are also offering a finish date of June 9 (session 1) or a finish of July 3 (session 2) for those needing to renew their certificate after July 1. Day 1 will focus on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Ed Camp style. Topics include ACES training, Social Emotional Learning Standards, and sharing and networking for implementation in grade level meetings where participants discuss what’s working in their classrooms. Day 2 will feature
a plethora of breakout sessions including old and new topics. You will choose 5 sessions to attend to meet your individual needs. STEM Read activities will be held on day 3 where
you’ll experience many activities from the I Survived series and design activities to use with your own curriculum. Northern Illinois University and STEAMWORKS combine forces to bring us an entire day of STEAM activities with design time in the afternoon. On our last day, the agenda will include stress
management strategies, collaboration techniques and sharing of resources.

Summer Institute

June 5-8, 2017 8:30 - 3:00, Highland Community College


Reaching Them All
• Social Emotional Learning Standards
• Ed Camp
• Maslow’s Pyramid


Tailored to your Needs Tuesday
Choose from over 20 different sessions, including these favorites:
• Game On!
• Dollar Store Math
• Breakout Edu
• Google Geeks
• Too many more to list!


Northern Illinois University and STEM Read combine forces to present “I Survived” Series. Experience hands-on STEAM activities and design your own!

Networking @ Generations Join us afterwards for relaxed professional conversations and networking opportunities at Generations in Freeport. BLTN will be playing live.


Experience STEAM activities & design your own to enrich your curriculum


Graduate Credit Day
Grad credit attendees only. Making connections, classroom applications, and next steps. Final day option: June 9 or July 3.