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Sept 20

Declutter Your Digital Life: September 20.  4-5 pm
Ever feel like you're drowning in emails, can't find the files you need, or have notes and "to-do" lists all over the place? Let's get you centered again using a few Google tools and some simple strategies for efficient workflows and organization. Save yourself time for what matters -

connecting with your students!
Cost: FREE.  1 PDC credit. LTC with Ben Sondgeroth. 


Sept 28

Creating a Google Classroom Community. Tuesday,

September 28. 4-5 pm
When used to its full potential, Google Classroom is more than just a place to post announcements and files. Learn to create an inviting, differentiated, collaborative learning space that facilitates better learning experiences for students. This workshop will help you organize your digital file-sharing, develop a grading and feedback workflow, and integrate engaging and enriching tools into Google Classroom.
Cost: FREE.  1 PDC credit. LTC with Ben Sondgeroth. 

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