Regional Office of Education #8

Regional Superintendent: Aaron Mercier                           Assistant Superintendent: Brent Chrisman

Regional Superintendent:                                                          815-599-1408                                         Assistant Regional Superintendent: 

          Aaron Mercier                                                                                                                                                                Brent Chrisman



PASS is a preschool Program for 3-5 year old children and their parents, designed to provide an exciting and engaging atmosphere for children to explore and learn.  The program is available in the Dakota, Forrestville Valley, Freeport, Orangeville, and Pearl City School Districts, as well as Amity Learning Center.  PASS is funded through the Illinois State Board of Education and offered to students at no cost to the family.  PASS focuses on educating each child with a developmentally appropriate curriculum which is designed to prepare the child for a successful experience in Kindergarten. 

  • Young children learn best by doing; their play is their work.  Children are encouraged to be active learners who explore, discover, and develop ideas through direct contact with objects, people, and experiences. 
  • The classrooms are set up for exploration based learning that includes: imaginative play, blocks/building, writing & art, games, sensory exploration, science, and literacy.  The classroom materials and set-up evolves with the students, and their acquisition of skills.  Parents play an integral role in their child's success in school.  Our program offers monthly activities for the parents and children to attend and play together, so they both learn how to interact in a way that fosters successful communication and support.
  • PASS offers a free preschool screening to all students 3-5 years of age in our area.  The purpose of the screening is to ensure that each child is developing to his/her full potential, and to offer resources to families of children that have additional needs.

For more information on the PASS preschool program, or to schedule a preschool screening, please contact Sarah Kuhlemeier at (815) 599-1408 or