CTE Program Pathways:

  • Agriculture Education: Agricultural Science, Agricultural Business & Management, Agricultural Mechanization & Technology, Horticulture, Natural Resource Conservation Management
  • Business/Marketing/Computer Education:  Accounting-Bookkeeping, Administrative Support & Information Processing, Business & Personal Services Marketing, Business Systems Networking, Computer Operation & Programming, Enterprise Management & Operations, Product Marketing Operations, Webpage Development & Design
  • Family and Consumer Sciences: Adult Development & Aging, Foods/Nutrition/Wellness Studies, Cooking & Culinary Arts, Child Care Provider, Child Care & Support Services Management, Education, Apparel & Textiles, Facilities Planning & Management, Family & Consumer Sciences Communications, Work & Family Studies
  • Health Science Technology: Health Occupation Programs - Technology and Technician Programs, Health Services, Health Unit Coordinator/Ward Clerk, Medical Assistant, Home Health Aide, Rehabilitation, Licensed Practical Nurse Training, Nursing/Patient Care, Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences
  • Technology and Engineering Education (Industrial): Arts & Audio/Video Technology & Communications, Architecture & Construction, Law/Public Safety/Corrections & Security, Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics, Transportation/Distribution/Logistics

Provisional Career and Technical Educator License (ELS-CTEP):

  • Documented minimum 8000 hours work experience
  • Requires a hiring district's signature
  • Length 5 years
  • CTEP can be renewed only one time
    • Must pass Illinois Basic Skills TAP Test or ACT Plus Writing
    • Must obtain 20 hours of courses in content area

Career and Technical Educator License (ELS-CTE):

  • Minimum of 60 college semester hours
  • Documented minimum 2000 hours work experience   
  • Length: 5 years
    • Illinois Basic Skills TAP Test or ACT Plus Writing required  upon renewal



The Career and Technical Educator License with Stipulations is available in two routes, depending on an individual's work and/or college experiences. Please see below for the specific requirements for each licensure route.