CTE Program Pathways:

  • Agriculture Education: Agricultural Science, Agricultural Business & Management, Agricultural Mechanization & Technology, Horticulture, Natural Resource Conservation Management
  • Business/Marketing/Computer Education:  Accounting-Bookkeeping, Administrative Support & Information Processing, Business & Personal Services Marketing, Business Systems Networking, Computer Operation & Programming, Enterprise Management & Operations, Product Marketing Operations, Webpage Development & Design
  • Family and Consumer Sciences: Adult Development & Aging, Foods/Nutrition/Wellness Studies, Cooking & Culinary Arts, Child Care Provider, Child Care & Support Services Management, Education, Apparel & Textiles, Facilities Planning & Management, Family & Consumer Sciences Communications, Work & Family Studies
  • Health Science Technology: Health Occupation Programs - Technology and Technician Programs, Health Services, Health Unit Coordinator/Ward Clerk, Medical Assistant, Home Health Aide, Rehabilitation, Licensed Practical Nurse Training, Nursing/Patient Care, Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences
  • Technology and Engineering Education (Industrial): Arts & Audio/Video Technology & Communications, Architecture & Construction, Law/Public Safety/Corrections & Security, Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics, Transportation/Distribution/Logistics

Career and Technical Educator License (ELS-CTE):

  • Minimum of 60 college semester hours
  • Documented minimum 2000 hours work experience   
  • Length: 5 years
    • Illinois Basic Skills TAP Test or ACT Plus Writing required  upon renewal




Regional Superintendent:                                                          815-599-1408                                         Assistant Regional Superintendent: 

          Aaron Mercier                                                                                                                                                                Brent Chrisman

Additional information, including the application process, can be found at ISBE's College and Career Readiness page.

Provisional Career and Technical Educator License (ELS-CTEP):

  • Documented minimum 8000 hours work experience
  • Requires a hiring district's signature
  • Length 5 years
  • CTEP can be renewed only one time
    • Must pass Illinois Basic Skills TAP Test or ACT Plus Writing
    • Must obtain 20 hours of courses in content area

The Career and Technical Educator License with Stipulations is available in two routes, depending on an individual's work and/or college experiences. Please see below for the specific requirements for each licensure route.

Regional Office of Education #8

Regional Superintendent: Aaron Mercier                           Assistant Superintendent: Brent Chrisman