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Illinois Principals Association
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June 4, 2018

AA #1801
Gathering Evidence During Observation and Conferencing. 

Steve Herkert
$200.00/8:30 am - 3:00 pm at Highland Community College, Freeport, Illinois

Required for all who evaluate teachers. This academy focuses on the professional practice component of the PERA law. Participants will be able to use classroom observation evidence as applied to a rubric to demonstrate a high degree of accuracy and consistency in ratings; apply strategies to provide high-quality, targeted and actionable feedback to educators; and calibrate accuracy of evidence collection, coding/rating, conferencing, and report writing to insure consistency and inter-rater reliability.


Administrator Academies Statewide
Illinois Administrators’ Academy        
(105 ILCS 5/2-3.53)
The purpose of the Academy is to maintain a statewide, regionally-based network that provides opportunities for mandated professional development for school administrators. The Academy provides high-quality training on the evaluation of certified personnel, school improvement, school accountability, public relations, communications, and pertinent leadership education relating to student growth, student achievement and school operations. By statute, every administrator must complete a minimum of one approved academy annually and a minimum of five in each administrator certificate renewal period. In conjunction with local districts, other regional offices, state-wide education related professional organizations and approved third party providers, KIDS provides a comprehensive selection of Academy programs.
An Overview
The Illinois Administrators' Academy provides professional development opportunities for school administrators.
Administrators employed on a type 75 or 77 administrative certificate in an Illinois public school must complete the following in order to renew and register their certificate for a new period of validity.
One Administrators' Academy course during each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) of the certificate's registration period (if the administrator is serving in a position that requires an administrative certificate). NOTE: The Introduction to Evaluation of Certified Staff can only meet this requirement if taken prior to June 30, 2004 or as a refresher course.
At least one continuing professional development activity for each year of the certificate's registration period (if the administrator is serving in a position that requires an administrative certificate) totaling 100 hours in a full 5-year cycle.
Introduction to the Evaluation of Certified Staff
All Administrators who evaluate certified staff are required to complete the Introduction to Evaluation of Certified Staff academy prior to beginning the evaluation cycle in their building. Introduction to Evaluation of Certified Staff does not count as an administrator academy or CPD hours the first time it is taken.
Professional Development
All activities must be clearly identifiable as professional development. What you were taught and who taught you. Administrative duties are NOT professional development.